TatsBook.com is an online community to connect tattoo artists and enthusiasts with each other, and tattoo related events around the world.

The main website allows user to look up tattoo artists and tattoo related events by location. Users can also create a profile, log in/out, like, favorite and message artists directly from the site.
Artists can also sign up and manage their listing from an intuitive dashboard.
Users, artists and admins all get separate yet equally intuitive dashboards. The administrator dashboard allows the site owners to manage all aspects of their site, without any technical knowledge required.
The site is fully custom built to the specifications of our client, with unique artwork and a unique design.

Days of Work
Team Members
Lines of code


Fully Custom Architecture & Design

Fully customized platform for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. We designed and built Tatsbook from the ground up. The platform allows users and artists to register and create profiles, message each other, display their ink and more.

Requires no tech knowledge to manage

The site was designed so that that the owners could manage every aspect of the site, without any technical knowledge.
The admins get a full picture of the progress and status of the site, and can control everything from users, to events, to artists, payments, subscriptions and more.

Technologies Used

TatsBook.com is a custom platform built entirely out of code. The markup and coding languages used in the project include:HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, PHP, Javascript, BootStrap 3.